What we do

Not two projects are alike. Since 2012 we provide our clients with highly individualised solutions at the intersection of engineering, technology, and future.

Agile Goto:Market and Innovation

  • Introduce new products, services, business-models and more into the marketplace.
  • Fast learning-loops instead of lenghty analyses.

We have developed the agile procedure-model GOTO:Market.

Innovation- and product-development processes

  • Convince yourselves of the business case of the novelty.
  • Structure the process without strangling creativity.li>

We bring tried and tested approaces for the ‘Front End of Innovation’.

Analysis of the future

  • What is the impact of the Corona-Virus on your business? How can you prepare for an uncertain future?
  • What is the impact of e.g. E-Mobility on your product portfolio?
  • What do the current trade-disputes mean? Risk or opportunity?

A future analysis provides clarity. We use a large spectrum of futures methods.


  • Use the future to find new business-opportunities.

We create unique insights and lasting competetive advantage by using a complex-systems approach towards the market.


  • What manufacturing technologies are (will be) available?
  • What technologies can you use to make your products better?

We have an agile Technologie-Scouting project-design that provides you with new results every week.


  • You have developed an new technoloy? Or created a new product or service?/li>

Now the task is finding applications and customers paying for the technology, because it delivers a true advantage. We find them for you.