The Engineers for Futures Studies

The right decisions at the right time.

Benefit from the full spectrum of Strategic/Corporate Foresight delivered in an agile project.

  • Foresight-Integration in Corporate Processes
  • Foresight at the Front-End of Innovation
  • Foresight-Support Systems
  • Trend-Radar / Trend Analysis
  • Scenarios
  • Expert-Panels, Interviews, Surveys
  • Futures Workshops

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Independent and integrated Technology Foresight.

Get independent advice from a source not linked to universities and independent from the big players in research as well as from government-sponsored foresight. Experience the power of the integrated view - from megatrends and regulation seamlessly down to technical details and tangible impacts.

  • Key- and Emerging Technologies
  • Technology Maturity and Disruptive Potential
  • Next K-Wave Technologies
  • Legal & Regulatory Foresight

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Numbers - not just adjectives.

Use forecasts as baselines for scenarios. Assess technological capabilities of competitors, institutions, and regions. Estimate the impacts of trends and disruptions on your KPI. As engineers, we are not afraid of numbers and R-Users with 15+ years experience in analytics, machine learning, and visualisation.

  • Research- and Technology Landscapes
  • Strategic Patent Analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Stocastic Trend-Impact Analysis

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Knowledge - Skills - Attitude - Personality

Quickly ascend to cruising altitude with us as a booster. Our approach focuses on the skills and attitudes required for successful foresighting. This is different from the knowledge-heavy approaches found elsewhere.

  • Training - Traditional and E-Learning
  • Coaching - individual and group
  • Foresight Capacity Building in Enterprises and Institutions
  • Academic Courses

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Our Services

Not two of our assigments are the same. Since 2012 we provide our clients with highly customised services at the intersection of engineering, technology, and the future. We span a bridge from the highest levels of foresigth to the technological and business detail e.g. in determining the impacts of megatrends like ‘climate change’ on electricity generation and further to the design of the equipment for power stations.

Business Opportunity Scanning

Use the future to find opportunities for your business. We approach the market as a system and create unique insights and lasting competetive advantage.

Technology Foresight

Assess the potential of new technologies, the timeframe for their introduction. Find implications for your business. Describe the impacts on your technology portfolio.


Manage uncertainty and indetermination by using Scenarios. Find the impacts of the scenarios on your KPIs with our stochastic impact-analysis. Prepare for the unexpected.


Get an objective baseline for your future planning. From energy to markets and technology-performance: forecasts are an indespensible tool. We use R and the latest algorithms.

Research & Technology Fingerprinting

Find out what your research is really about. Find out what your competitors are up to. We have a data-based approach and work with your research reports, patent data, and scientific publications.


You want to do it for yourself? Wether your are a newly appointed foresighter or an experienced old hand. We provide coaching and trainig on the job tailored to your needs.

Meet The Team

We are a small dedicated and experienced team.

K. Christoph Keller

Founder & Managing Director

Engineer, Futurist, Lecturer

Helene Claire

Senior Technology Consultant

Engineer, MBA, Experienced Manager

Maria Holl

Customer Relationship

Entrepreneur, Winemaker, Business-Manager


Cat in residence

A remarkably verbal cat.

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Tell us about your challenge. Foresight and the future remain abstract without a topic. So let’s start and get concrete.

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